In RunHR360, you can easily start the performance evaluation process with 4 simple steps.


Set an active period.


Create your form (s) by selecting your questions in the direction of your goals.

Things Evaluation

Add the people to be evaluated to the form (s) you have created.

Will evaluate

Identify the people who can do the evaluation.

Adaptable to Your Needs

Instead of adapting your processes to writing, we adapt our software to your processes. Our product, which we prepared as special software, can be shaped according to your needs and integrated into your existing systems as opposed to package programs.

Competency Based Performance Management

You can easily make many complicated arrangements such as defining and measuring competence through the Competence Management, which is one of the most important factors in bringing the organization up to advanced levels. At the same time, thanks to a set of questions that our HR Consultant will prepare for you, you can complete the competency evaluation process in as little as 1 day.

Customer Happiness

You can include the service performance of employees in the organization (internal customer) or outside the organization (external customer) in the employee performance appraisal. Customer satisfaction, which is particularly important in support or sales units, can be measured and included in the employee's performance score.

360 Degree Performance Evaluation

By shortening long-term and costly studies such as assessment and reporting, you can alleviate the operational burden, easily see and report on the performances of individuals and departments in your organization.

Executive Reports

Thanks to Novartz's advanced reporting tools you can easily see the strengths or developments of the organization, and you can watch the change thanks to historical reports as you strengthen your decision support mechanism with comparison reports.


You do not have to be at the desk to get to the reports! With mobile integrated web software, you can access the performance management system from computers, tablets and mobile devices. You can reach all the internal and external processes with one click.

Try actively all features of RunHR 360 with 5 gift credits.